"Transient Sequences" Opens February 6

Christian Hirschfeld wrote in his Theorie der Gartenkunst (Theory of Gardening), that mankind sees his own potential in the grandeur of nature and in natures’ boundless landscape. He also believed that this applied to both man’s freedom and lack thereof. Moving away from being restricted and towards becoming free results in the exalting of the inner self. By exalting one’s inner self, the sublime becomes an internal force which transforms physical grandeur into spiritual grandeur. This group exhibition is intending to create a lyrical dialogue of enthusiastic responses to this transformation from restricted to free, from lowly to revered, and from physical to trans-substantial. Objects become mystic, presentation becomes pedestal, and language becomes transcendent.

Artists: Miranda Clark, Fredy Gabuardy, Jonathan Khan, Thomas Luna

Show runs Feb. 6 thru Feb. 21

Opening Friday Feb 6, 6-9pm