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About Vulpes Bastille Studio Spaces

Our studio spaces aim to provide artists of all career levels with affordable work spaces in a friendly community environment. We take a special interest in young and up-and-coming artists seeking to establish their place in the Kansas City arts community and further their careers. That said, any artist of any age or career level who has these same goals is welcome. 

Each studio includes the following amenities:

  • private walled studio with locking door
  • individual power source with 4-8 outlets and overhead lighting
  • 24 hour access to the building
  • all utilities and Google Fiber wifi included in rent fee

Tenants also have access to communal resources such as break room/kitchenette, communal work spaces for large projects, and dark room; as well as the ability to reserve and organize exhibitions in the Gallery. We offer the following sizes of space:

  • 10'x10' (100sqft)
  • 10'x15' (150sqft)
  • 10'x20' (200sqft)

Interested in renting a space?

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