Vulpes Bastille Studio-wide Group Exhibition

Vulpes Bastille is pleased to announce their June exhibition, “ Pineapple Rentals,” which brings together all the participating artists who work in the Vulpes Bastille studios. The show will feature 7 different artists, all working in different styles and mediums, but with the common thread of ingenuity, interest in materials, and boldness. This exhibition features works from Mark Allen, Caranne Camarena, Brandon Forrest Frederick, Tim Amundson, Dustin Downey, Elisabeth Wallen Hardman, and Logan Acton.

The title, “Pineapple Rentals,” comes from a conversation about the 18 th century, when Pineapples were such a luxury good that you could rent one (but not eat it!) to display your financial prowess at high profile events. The symbol of the Pineapple has now become an icon for luxury, a transverse symbol for art. We at VB believe art is more than just a pretty picture on a wall. The studio artists here are dedicated to their craft, creating images that are not only tantalizing to the eyes, but also to the mind. It will be an art event to be experienced, not just looked at.

Caranne Camerena, one of the featured artists, is an amateur taxidermist who produced a jackalope, a symbol of Midwestern folklore, which she titled, “Because I Can.” She also produces large scale drawings of the mammal figure. Brandon Forrest Frederick is a photographer and sculptor who not only produces beautiful images, but also creates exquisite wood frames for his pictures. Mark Allen is a notorious young artist who produces bold imagery that touches on controversial topics.