As Honest As We Are

A solo show featuring works by Brandon Frederick

Exhibition Opens: August 2nd from 6-10pm 

4am , 2013

4am, 2013

The exhibition consists of photographs, sculpture, and video work relating to the artist's journeys and meditations throughout the United States.

As Honest As We Are is a culmination of the past two years; and encompasses my experiences and quiet meditational moments throughout my travels. The extraordinary aspect of photography is that of meditation and the characteristics of experience an image can present regardless of the viewers physical interaction with the subject at hand. Growing up as a child I was absolutely fascinated by history, obsessed with drawing, and cultivated a growing interest in the culture, politics, and ideas related to America. For me photography represents the greatest culmination of these interests, one in which utilizes the world that exists to create a familiar experience. One that is accessible because of the nature of the medium, and is inherent to a push/pull movement of reality and fiction. 

The world has become a photograph to me, with the process becoming inherent to the way in which I view the world.  I continue the aspects of human ancestry in the mind set of a hunter-gatherer, always looking for what the world is presenting forward.  It can be ultimately boiled down to a feeling, a surge of emotion over a space, a composition, a particular quality of light that lends itself to my train of thought.  All photographs for this show were created with film, as I feel photographing in this process lends itself to a more careful and examined approach to creating, and provides a special character of light from the chemical and tangible process of exposure and development.

This body of work deals with the image as a photograph, a meditational space, and an object that can be manipulated. Influenced from American iconography and mythology, As Honest As We Are weaves through my observations and questions regarding the way we live and the idea of the American Dream.