The large scale of the gallery makes it ideal for 2-person and group shows. Solo exhibitions are given priority to arts who work in installation or has exhibited large bodies of work previously. We also have a smaller project space availalble for smaller showings.

About Vulpes Bastille Exhibition Space

In addition to our studio spaces, Vulpes Bastille is home to a spacious and newly-renovated gallery space. Our goal is to provide a clean, professional exhibition space for artists of all disciplines, career levels and backgrounds. By providing such a space, particularly given its "off the beaten path'" locale in the East Crossroads, we offer a unique alternative to the primness of more mainstream galleries without sacrificing the polish. As such, we are happy to review exhibition proposals from those who wish to submit them. Below is an outline for exhibition proposals and further information about the gallery space.

Vulpes Bastille is currently accepting proposals for2018.


The Gallery

Submitting a Proposal

Interested in exhibiting your work at Vulpes Bastille? All you need to do is fill out a brief exhibition proposal. When submitting a proposal, please keep in mind that it is important for us to have an understanding of who you are as an artist and the sort of work you intend to display.

Name *
Please use "Exhibition Proposal" as the subject of your email.
This is just a brief explanation of your intent for the overall look, feel, theme, etc of the show. Basically the mission statement of your vision. Also include your desired date(s) for the runtime of your show (note that typically, exhibitions begin on a First Friday and run about three weeks.)
Copy/paste your existing artist statement or type a brief one here if you do not already have one.
Any other special considerations or relevant information that were not covered in the previous fields.
Please provide a website where we can see your work. If you don't have a website, please email images to